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Pre-arranged assistance on short term for a defined project with set goals. Develop Entrepreneurial Mindset

Enhancing A Family Business


One-on-One meeting on an hourly with defined business question for discussion.Develop Entrepreneurial Mindset

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Customized to fit company or organization’s need. General areas:

  1. .Retirement
  2. .Customer Service Excellence
  3. .Franchising Your Business
  4. .Choosing A Franchise
  5. .Starting A Business
  6. .Family Business Develop Entrepreneurial Mindset



Hulo, Mandaluyong City, Philippines



Armando “Butz” Bartolome, is known as the Franchise Guru

amongst his clients and colleagues. In demand business and motivational speaker local and overseas.

Butz Bartolome inspires Business and Organizations develop Entrepreneurial Mindset. He assists micro entrepreneurs who are now known brands in the country. Butz is the founder and president of GMB Franchise Developers and was Founder and Director of

Butz Bartolome: I Inspire Organizations Develop Entrepreneurial Mindset

Association of Filipino Franchisers Inc (AFFI). With over 30 years of franchising experience, Butz has given over 200 seminars on franchising all over the Philippines, Asia, and Middle East, and North America.

He has numerous successful franchise stories beginning with inttroduction of seminars like Franchising 101, How to sell a franchise idea, setting up a franchisor checklist as well as a franchise operations.

Butz and his wife Lyndah have assisted over 200 companies in their growth and expansion through franchising. Some of these notable homegrown brands are: Potato Corner, Mang Inasal, Julie’s Bakeshop, Generika, Fiorgelato, Bayad Center, and many more.

He has opened an office in the United States of America.

He writes a column “Business Mentor” in a major network ABS CBN News Online

His book “Is Franchising For Your” was awarded as the Book of The Year 2012.


Published books by Armando Bartolome

Butz Bartolome 3 Big Questions


What People Say


Published books by Armando Bartolome.

Are You Looking For a Franchise Business?

  • Interested in understanding about Franchising?
  • How does Franchise work for the benefit of a Retiree? Extra Income? Student?
  • Do you want to avoid getting SCAMMED by so called mediocre Franchises?
  • How do you know if you are a potential Franchisee?
  • Understand the Obligations of Franchisor and Franchisee?
  • Building a harmonious Franchise Relations?
  • Doing a Market Study before deciding which franchise business to invest?
  • Dispelling the MYTH that Franchise spells automatic success.Learn what are the contents of a Franchise AgreementGoverning Documents in Franchising.

Definition of Franchising as “To be In Business For Yourself BUT not by yourself”.

Published books by Armando Bartolome.

Are you looking at various options like Business Independence Options

  • Business Growth Strategy
  • Strategic Ways To Improve Sales and Profitability
  • Redesigning Your Marketing Strategy To Improve Your Sales
  • 8 Important Questions Even Before Doing Business With Partners
  • Enhancing A Family Business
  • Red Flags In Family BusinessThe Pros and Cons of Having a Family Business
  • Family Business: Preserving The Legacy
  • The Importance of a Family ConstitutionWhat is the Generation Syndrome
  • 5 Major Pitfalls of Entrepreneurs
  1. The Constants of Real and Successful Entrepreneurs
  2. Recommended Tips to Start A Business
  3. What Makes a Successful Entrepreneur
  4. The Advantages of Starting Business at a Young Age
  5. Facts About Entrepreneurship
  6. Business Opportunities You Can Start Anytime
  7. Health and Wellness Business
  8. Do You Have A budget
  9. How To Choose The Right Franchise
  10. Key Considerations Before Becoming A Franchisee
  11. Business Growth Strategy
  12. The Rewards of Becoming An Entrepreneur
  13. Tips on Empowering Franchisees For Growth
  14. Keeping Employees Engaged and Motivated
  15. New Business paradigm: Brand Image in a Mobile Environment
  16. Strategic Ways To Improve Sales and Profitability and many more
  17. Entrepreneur’s Important Tool: Ability to Communicate

To Reach the top and find that sense of joy and fulfillment at the end of the journey. Will you give all you have to achieve these? The road an entrepreneur takes is packed with bumps, smiles, big and small victories along the way. The greatest achievement is not just the successful business you have but what you have become during this journey.No one will absolutely be the same at the end of the travel. The relationships you have formed will surely have made your life nobler and worth reminiscing.

In the end , the journey has been worth all the efforts, sleepless night and even tears because you have improved the life of many others around you and others you have touched.

Butz Bartolome 3 Big Questions